trees_1Establishing a tree and shrub maintenance plan is one of the most important things that can be performed to ensure the life and well being for the your landscape.  Lively Lawns is honored to maintain your landscape’s trees and shrubs with a quality service that is affordable and professional.

First, Lively Lawns will begin the goal for maintaining the health of your trees and shrubs with a professional overall health evaluation and inspection.

trees_2Secondly, Lively Lawn’s technicians will monitor for disease and insects that can be dangerous to your landscape. If any disease is discovered, treatment and prevention protocols will be vigorously administered to ensure that your trees and shrubbery will last for a very long time

Thirdly, Lively Lawns will use a pruning techniques to remove the dead, loose, or infected branches or stems from its respective plant and utilize trimming procedures to cut back shrubs and tree limbs that have overgrown in order to protect your landscape while assuring proper growth.trees_3
Finally, fertilization and an application of micronutrients will be implemented to protect your trees and shrubs throughout the year. Fertilization helps your plants and trees to grow optimally. When your landscape is healthy, disease and insect resistance occurs naturally. By infusing specialized nutrients, we maintain health, appearance and growth.