lighting_1Lively Lawns want to light up your outdoor living spaces in the best way possible. When you spend time outdoors with family and friends, you’ll need adequate outdoor lighting to illuminate your landscape areas. Whether you’re sitting outside on a deck or patio or you wish to place a spotlight on a specific area of your yard, outdoor lighting can serve these purposes. The benefits of incorporating a outdoor landscape lighting scheme include curb appeal, safety, security and comfort.

We can accomplish this with such techniques like:

  • lighting_3Plan and integrate accent lighting to subtly show off your property’s best features
  • Provide architectural lighting to highlight your home’s unique beauty
  • Provide pool lighting to keep your nightly swims safe
  • Implement a patio and deck lighting scheme to add enthusiasm to your nighttime entertaining
  • Install a garden lighting system to accentuate your stunning landscaping
  • Provide a custom lighting scheme to guide your guests where they need to go
  • Incorporate a motion detection system that allow lights to come on when something or someone enters your property, effective deterring those that may have criminal intent.

lighting_2Lively Lawns have the experience, design knowledge and products to illuminate your landscape. We install a system that specializes in keeping your power usage to a minimum by using the most up to date energy efficient products.