maintenance_4A regular landscape maintenance plan is an investment to your property. These landscapes maintenance plans completed by the highly skilled and fully qualified landscaping professionals at Lively Lawns will see your investment through.

New and established gardens need care to do well. Regular maintenance not only allows your garden to be healthy but makes ongoing maintenance easier and more time-efficient.

maintenance_3Lively Lawns maintenance  crews cater to any size and type of commitment from a small tidy up to large tree removal. We’re proud to provide these services in Brevard County, giving home and business owners an assurance that we will complete the task at hand – whatever that may be – with professionalism and diligence.

Hedges, trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers, lawns and all parts of your landscape flourish with regular maintenance. Lively Lawns apply a great depth of knowledge and skill in landscape maintenance and use only safe, good quality tools and products. Our complete landscape maintenance services for your property include:

maintenance_1A well-maintained landscape not only looks and matures at its best but also highlights the building it surrounds. It’s amazing how good your house will look after some of our expert landscape maintenance! Brevard County can rely on our Lively Lawns team members to meet their precise needs.

copyright Bill Frymire Nov 2003 Rake and Leaves
copyright Bill Frymire Nov 2003
Rake and Leaves

Our monthly expert maintenance program gives you peace-of-mind and relief knowing that your property will be properly cared for. An added bonus in monthly maintenance is that each month, you will see the improvement in the quality and health of your landscape and feel assured that you are making a very worthwhile investment.