Having a properly installed and maintained fence is a solid a investment and can help improve your landscape and property in many ways. Some of the benefits of having a fence on your property are:


  • Privacy. It can be hard to enjoy dinner on the patio if everyone on the street has a clear view of your back yard.  A six-foot-tall privacy fence can help create a peaceful get-away in nearly any neighborhood.
  • Containment. A fence can help provide a safe play environment for
    children and pets, keeping them in the yard where you can
    keep an eye on them and preventing entry from unwanted strangers or animals.
  • fence_3Security. A good fence can help protect your family –
    and your possessions – from those who would enter your yard for the wrong reasons. If you have a swimming pool or playground equipment, a fence can prevent trespassers from putting themselves in danger.
  • Noise reduction. If your house is near a busy street, you may find yourself screaming to be heard over the traffic noise. A solid fence can knock 6 to 10 decibels off traffic and other ambient noise.
  • Design element. An attractive, well-constructed fence can add to your home’s overall appeal. A waist-high fence, such as a picket fence, can both define your property boundary and attract the eye through thoughtful landscaping.
  • Safety. Pool fences are also very visible when your friends and family visit, so you want a professional look. These barriers are practical in the sense that they can prevent a child from entering a pool and possibly drowning.fence_4

fence_5Whatever the reason you may have for having a fence, Lively lawns can and will provide the best possible solution to meet your privacy, practical and visually pleasing needs. We will also ensure that these structures and barriers are safe, secure and maintained so you can enjoy your fence without any added anxiety.