Most residential and commercial property owners use excessive amounts of water to keep their grass and landscape green and lush, costing them more money than necessary.irrigation_1

Proper irrigation is crucial to the health of your lawn and landscape. Under-watering can impact the roots of your grass and shrubs, leading to increased chinch bug activity. Over-watering promotes fungus and disease such as brown patch and root rot, as well as uncontrollable weeds such as crabgrass and sedge.


Here at Lively Lawns, we offer maintenance, repair, and replacement services to any irrigation system.

We work with the following:

Water conservation is important. We know that too little or too much water can cause serious problems to the health and integrity of your lawn and plant life. We ensure a maintained, customized time and zoning schedule for your irrigation system to effectively keep your lawn and plant life thriving for years to come.