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*Spend a few minutes reviewing this page before purchasing a fence, or spend several years wishing you had!
Purchasing new fencing can be confusing. Face it, you don’t buy a fence very often, but when you do, you want your fencing to last a long time and look great for years to come. Most people are unaware of the many variables that go into the building and installation of a fence. The less you know usually means you will pay more for an inferior product from an inferior Brevard County fence company that may not even last five years! Protect yourself up front by understanding what is important, what to demand from Brevard County fence contractors, and what to avoid at all costs.


fence company brevard county floridaHow do I know what a fence should cost?

It will vary by type of fence you will order, but the cost of a fence will usually be dependent on a combination of time and materials, and this can vary significantly from various Brevard County fence contractors to another. Experienced Brevard County fence contractors should be able to explain exactly what goes into a fence if you have questions why one wood fencing costs more than another. The least expensive fencing is usually cheap for a reason. Inferior materials and shoddy Brevard County fence companies may lower the cost of a fence, but will always result in an inferior fence that will need to be replaced in five years or less.

Should I haggle over price?

Not if you are working with a reputable Brevard County fence company. Highly ethical and reputable  Brevard County fence companies should always give you his best price first, up front. If he doesn’t, he is taking advantage of the possibility that you may not know everything you need to know about what you are buying. Be wary of any Brevard County fence companies that will offer you a lower price to match or beat a competitive bid. If he is willing to do this, it means he may be more than willing to overcharge you up front.

Will the final cost always match the fence company Brevard County estimate?

Basically, yes. A competent Brevard County fence company will be able to provide you with a detailed estimate that will cover all anticipated costs, and some variables that may not be so easy to anticipate. For example, some subdivisions are known to have been developed on very rocky soil. If this is the case, high quality fence companies Brevard County will put in his estimate contingency information that tells you he may have to use a specialized digging tool like the Dandy Digger if rock formations are below the soil. But unless there are changes to the original fence plan, like added gates or extra coverage, the final price should ALWAYS match the estimate. Do not go with any fence contractors Brevard County that will not make this guarantee!

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Does company ownership structure of the fence company Brevard County affect the cost of a fence?

It can. The ownership structure of Brevard County fence companies can affect the cost of the product or service it sells based on the overhead and profit requirements in place. *If there are shareholders or multiple partners in place, they likely need to see a greater return on each fencing job than a sole proprietor or family owned fence companies Brevard fl does.


fence contractors brevard county floridaHow do I know the crew will be there when they say they will?

This is where references can be a big help. Your fence contractors Brevard County should be able to provide references that can attest to the professionalism of the crew that did the work, and also give you first-hand information regarding the details. If the installation requires more than one day, the  fence contractors Brevard County should be there at the same time each day, no exceptions. If they cannot make it due to extreme weather or any other circumstances, you should be contacted by the fence contractors Brevard County at the time they would normally get started to be advised of this.

How long is a typical workday?

It varies by each individual  fence companies Brevard County. The best crews like what they do, and get a sense of accomplishment by completing the jobs by working a little longer if necessary. The best fence company Brevard County owners encourage them to do just that, rather than leaving the yard until the following day for a couple hours to finish everything up.

When the fence company Brevard County leaves, will the job be 100% complete?

Professional  fence companies Brevard County will have a procedure in place that the crew goes through before leaving the job. This should include the job foreman and at least one crewmember walking the entire job site inspecting the workmanship and the post job clean up, ensuring everything has been completed according to the initial plan and intent. The final action should be a meeting with the homeowner to answer any questions, provide maintenance suggestions, and demonstrate any components like gates or removable panels. The final invoice should only be presented when the homeowner is totally satisfied with the fence companies Brevard County results.

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