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Now that you have consulted with potential Viera Fence Contractors and have asked your questions, it is time to do a little extra research on your own. Here are some research steps you can take to find out more information about specific Viera fence companies before you choose one.


Check references of the Viera fencing company
At this point you should have some referrals given to you by one or more potential Viera fence companies and probably a few from other sources like those from your local building supply company, fence manufacturer, real estate agent or friends. The next step is to give these references a call and ask them a few questions. Here are some questions to ask references about the Viera fence company:
fence company viera florida1. Were you satisfied with the Viera fence contractors work and customer service? Did they do a good job in your opinion? Was the job completed on time and close to the estimated budget? How long ago did the fence contractors Viera install or complete your fencing project?
2. Were you satisfied with the price you paid for the fence installation? Did the Viera fence contractors come out and look at the project before they provided you with an estimate?
3. Were the fence company Viera employees polite, courteous and punctual? Did you have any problems with property damage, late arrivals or anything else? Did the fence contractors Viera workers clean up after themselves and remove all left-over construction materials? If the answer to these questions is “no”- then you may want to start looking for other Viera fence companies.
4. Did the work performed include a warranty?…  Did you have to use this warranty at all?…  Did they provide the warranty to you in writing?
fence contractors viera floridaCheck up on the reputation of the Viera fencing company
It is a good idea to check up on the reputation of a potential fence company Viera reputation before you decide whether or not to hire them. This can help prevent any nasty surprises from appearing down the road. You can check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints lodged against the Viera fence contractors. A complaint or two is generally okay, because not everyone will always be satisfied with all Viera fence companies, but any ethics violations should automatically send you out looking for different fence companies Viera fl. You can also check out an online consumer review website to find out what other customers are saying about specific fence contractors Viera. A good example of one of these consumer review websites is Angie’s List.com.
Take a look at in person at some of the past work of the fencing company in Viera
If possible it can be very helpful to take a look at a few of the Viera fence companies past projects to see what they look like. Look for quality construction and materials when you review the work. Look at how well the fence was formed together and what the posts look like. Determine how well the entire project appears to have gone- is there trash, extra construction materials or anything lying around? Does the ground and yard near the fence appear to be damaged? Reputable fence companies Viera fl will leave the work area as close to its original state as is possible. (Keep in mind that sometimes things like mud do happen) The fence project should generally look good, even and pleasant in appearance.



fence companies viera floridaGetting estimates from not just one company
Once you have decided that a specific fence contractors Viera is high quality, reputable and has all of the required permits, licenses and insurance information; you can begin to ask for estimates. High quality fence companies in Viera Fl will provide you with a written estimate before you choose whether or not you want to hire them. Really decent fence companies Viera fl will visit the work site first and then provide a written estimate. This can be especially important if your project is very large or has a number of specific requirements. Make sure that you discuss the scope of your individual project with fence companies Viera representative so that they can produce the most accurate estimate possible. This will help prevent nasty surprises and hidden costs from appearing later on.

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5. Your list of potential fence companies Viera should include at least 3-5 choices. The more choices you have and the more estimates you can get the better chance you will find that perfect price. Once you have a few estimates from a few different fence contractors Viera, you can compare them side by side to see which is the best deal. Make sure that each estimate covers everything you need for your fencing project to be completed right. The rule of thumb is to generally throw out the lowest and the highest estimates and go for the ones in the middle. The thought behind this is that the lowest estimate is probably under-estimated in order to get your business, which means you have a higher chance of getting some hidden fees and additional costs down the road. The highest bidder probably made their estimate so high because they don’t really need your business. Odds are they are swamped with other customers and may be too busy to get your project done correctly. The middle choices are probably the better ones, however this formula may not work in every situations. Choose an estimate from a fence company Viera Fl that you can live with.

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