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In order to check up on potential Merritt Island fence company before you hire them, you should meet with a representative of each of the fence companies in Merritt Island on your list and ask them a few questions. Here are some things to look for and some questions you will want to ask in order to determine who among the potential Merritt Island fence contractors will use only the highest qulaity of fencing materials, and deliver a long lasting and beautiful Fence Installation in Merritt Island.


fence company merritt island florida1. Look for a business residence
Some fence contractors Merritt Island work out of a commercial business residence while others work out of their homes or garages. Both types of fencing installers can do a good job of installing your fence, but some fence companies in Merritt Island with a commercial business residence may be more likely to be reputable and able to service your fencing down the road. A Merritt Island fencing company with commercial business residences will mean that you will have an office to visit and a phone number to call if something goes wrong. It will usually also mean that the Merritt Island fence installation company has been around for a while and is doing well in their business.
2. Ask about sub-contracting
This is an important question to ask fence contractors in Merritt Island before you hire them. Some professional fencing installers will sell you the product themselves and then sub-contract out the actual installation to someone else. It is important that you know who exactly will be handling your installation. When Merritt Island fence companies use their own employees to handle the installation process, odds are you are going to get a better job. A business has control over their employees, including their schedules, their training and the type of job that they do. They will not have this kind of control over sub-contractors. Be sure to ask about sub-contracting when hiring a potential fencing company in Merritt Island on your list of referrals.
3. Ask how long the fence company in Merritt Island has been operating in this area
It is a good idea to find out how long the fence contractors Merritt Island has been operating in your area in order to determine their reputation and customer service level. Just because a business is new to the area doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t offer you good customer service, but you won’t be able to tell until after you have hired them. Most reputable fence companies Merritt Island whom have been in business for some time, probably have good record of customer service, or else they wouldn’t still be operating. In general, the longer the fence companies Merritt Island have been operating in a certain region, the better their customer service will likely be.
fence contractors merritt island florida4. Ask about a written guarantee
A written guarantee is always a good idea and a reputable business should offer you one. The norm in this industry is typically a one year labor warranty. You may have to check with the product’s manufacturer to find out information regarding the fence’s warranty information. You should have some form of guarantee from your fence contractors Merritt Island regarding the quality of their installation job.
5. Ask if the fence contractors in Merritt Island are bonded, insured, licensed and if it carries worker’s compensation insurance
Every business should be licensed by the state where they operate in order to be considered legal. Always ask to see a business’s license and ensure that it is current. This license works as a work permit for the construction and installation of your fence. It also means that company has no outstanding violations registered with your city.

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Merritt Island fence companies should also be fully bonded and insured. This is to protect you from theft by the company’s employees and from any damage to your personal property that may occur as a result of the company’s actions. It also protects you from any injuries to the company’s workers that may occur on your property. Always choose fence companies Merritt Island that are fully licensed, bonded and insured. It is a good idea to look for worker’s compensation insurance as well. If a fence contractor Merritt Island carries this insurance, it means it protects its workers while they are on the job.
6. Ask if the fencing company Merritt Island are familiar with the various regulations and codes required by your city or county for fence installation
This may not be a requirement in order for you to hire fence contractors Merritt Island, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. Different counties, cities and states have different codes and regulations regarding the installation of fences. If you hire Merritt Island fence companies who already understands this information, if will save you the time of having to check on it yourself and will help make sure the job is done legally.
7. Ask for references
A reputable and successful fence companies Merritt Island will have a list of satisfied customers they can refer you to. They should be able to show you some testimonials regarding their past work and put you in touch with former customers. Be wary of any fence contractors Merritt Island or installers who refuse to or are unable to provide you with references.
fence companies merritt island florida8. Ask about the contractor’s equipment, materials and methods for different fence installation projects.
Reputable Merritt Island fencing companies will have all of the necessary equipment, materials, workers and methods to perform different types of installations. Ask them if they are able to use concrete to set fence posts. Ask them if they will remove the old fence. Take a look at some of their equipment and vehicles if you can. Look for equipment and vehicles that are in good condition and workable. High quality and trustworthy fence companies Merritt Island will take the time to take proper care of their equipment and vehicles.
9. Ask if the Merritt Island fence contractors will visit the work site and take measurements before they quote you a price
Many fence contractors Merritt Island and installers will come to the work site and take measurements before they offer you an estimate for the job. This is ideal because it gives you a chance to discuss options, review potential problems and get the most accurate price estimate. This is especially important if your fence installation project is in a difficult location, is very large or has other considerations attached to it.

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10. Ask if the fence contractors in Merritt Island will be the one to pull the work permit?
The answer to this question should be yes. You want a Merritt Island fence contractor that will compile the necessary work permits and follow all necessary rules and regulations.
11. Will the fence company Merritt Island acquire all of the construction materials that will be needed to complete your fencing project?
The answer to this question should also be yes, unless you want to purchase the required construction materials in order to save money and time. It is also a good idea to ask about what types of construction materials the Merritt Island fence contractors intend to use. For example: the types of nails or screws that will be used, whether or not the fence will be painted or stained on-site or off-site and if the fence company Merritt Island uses concrete to set the fence’s posts.
12. How do the Merritt Island fence contractors handle special requirements that have to do with the work space?
There can be a number of special requirements that you have to understand depending on the location of your Merritt Island fence companies project. For example, if the area has sprinkler heads located in the lawn it is the homeowner’s responsibility to point them out to the Merritt Island fence company and the contractor’s responsibility not to damage them. There are also special requirements for work zones that contain a swimming pool, such as special permits and inspection requirements. If you have any of these things it is necessary that you know how the company will handle them before you choose to hire them.